• Gain Insight for the 29th Frontier Licensing Round

    Make informed decisions during the UK Oil and Gas Authority 29th licensing round in the Mid-North Sea High and Rockall Trough areas...

  • Identify Emerging North America Unconventional Plays

    Vector Seismic 2D and 3D multiclient surveys provide high-quality imaging to identify new unconventional plays...

  • Identify New Exploration Opportunities in Mexico

    We're under way in Mexico building the industry's largest and most comprehensive imaging portfolio.


Multiclient Exploration Services

With more than 40 years of experience in seismic data acquisition, processing, and imaging, we have leveraged advanced expertise and technology to create the industry’s most comprehensive 2D and 3D multiclient seismic data library and data integration projects which cover the world's major hydrocarbon basins.

Multiclient Data Library

High-quality seismic data for the world's most prospective hydrocarbon basins.

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North America

Asia Pacific

South America


Acquisition and processing techniques

Schlumberger provides dedicated teams of geophysicists who specialize in survey design and modeling, inversion services, geological and geophysical interpretation studies, to deliver the industry’s most advanced seismic data processing services, software, and solutions performed by experts worldwide.

Survey Design & Modeling

A comprehensive range of services to address acquisition, data processing, seismic interpretation, and drilling challenges.

Geophysical Processing and Characterization

Multidisciplinary geophysical and geological solutions for hydrocarbon exploration, development, and production challenges.

Multiclient Latest Projects

E&P technical solutions that combine technological innovations, global expertise, and local reservoir experience. Visit our Latest Projects page