United Kingdom Multiclient Seismic Surveys

3D and 2D offshore data

United Kingdom Multiclient Seismic Surveys

Our multiclient data library in the United Kingdom contains over 48,000 km² of 3D and 682,000 km of 2D seismic data. We have extensive knowledge in this area having acquired the first multiclient seismic survey in the United Kingdom in 1969, as well as processing seismic data for this region in-house.

Celtic Sea and Southwest

Central North Sea & Mid-North Sea High

English Channel

Irish Sea

Northern North Sea

Shetland Islands

Southern North Sea

West of Hebrides & Rockall Trough

Reprocessing, Inversion, and Asset Transaction Advisory Services

OGA 29th Frontier Licensing Round

Maximize value of both new and legacy datasets during the OGA 29th frontier licensing round by using our advanced reprocessing, inversion, and asset transaction advisory services. Learn more