Central North Sea & Mid-North Sea High Multiclient Seismic Surveys

United Kingdom Multiclient Seismic Survey

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4C3D Chestnut
4C3D Kappa
4C3D Lomond
4C3D Blocks 28/5&10
Block 29/12&13
Moray Firth
IMF Merge
Nelson OBC
Quad 13
Quad 13 Reprocessed
Quad 15
Quad 19
Quad 21
Quad 21 Reprocessed
South Viking Graben
South Viking Graben PSTM
Outer Moray Firth - Ready to Explore Package 2019

Gain Competitive Advantage During the OGA 29th Frontier Licensing Round

Gain Competitive Advantage During the 29th Frontier Licensing Round

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Reprocessing, Inversion, and Asset Transaction Advisory Services

OGA 29th Frontier Licensing Round

Maximize value of both new and legacy datasets during the OGA 29th frontier licensing round by using our advanced reprocessing, inversion, and asset transaction advisory services. Learn more