Multiclient Latest Projects: Europe Seismic Surveys

Barents Sea Nordkapp and Bjørnøya Ice Bear survey data available now, plus 6,563 km of reprocessed 2D data offshore Spain, and 17,000 km of Black Sea data offering increased resolution and improved imaging.

Nordkapp 3D Coil Shooting Seismic Survey

This survey uses some of the most advanced technology and processing techniques to illuminate previously unseen Nordkapp basin prospects.

Barents Sea Bjørnøya Ice Bear 1, 3D Seismic Survey

Barents Sea Bjørnøya 2013 IceBear 2 3D Seismic Survey

The 2013 Barents Sea Ice Bear 2 3D multiclient survey extends the grid over open acreage.

West Mediterranean Sea Offshore Spain Reprocessed 2D Seismic Survey

We have recently completed reprocessing of 6,563 km of 2D data offshore Spain in the West Mediterranean Sea with a modern 2D isotropic prestack time migration (PSTM) workflow and enhanced demultiple technique.

Ukraine Offshore 2D Seismic Survey

Seismic Acquisition

Survey Design & Modeling

Geophysical Processing & Characterization