Multiclient Latest Projects: Gulf of Mexico EDGE Multiclient Project

EDGE provides answers ahead of upcoming Central Gulf of Mexico lease sales

The Schlumberger EDGE project provides a detailed regional view over the prolific deepwater Central Gulf of Mexico through the combination of the most advanced seismic acquisition techniques, earth model building, and imaging technologies.

Available December 2015

Approximately 50,000 km2 of continuous images—ready for direct use in the Petrel E&P software platform—will be available December 2015, months ahead of the 2016 lease sale as well as the large block turnovers expected in 2017 and 2018.


Move the slider to see how traditional WAZ surveys (left) compare with our latest EDGE surveys (right), which combine both the inline image clarity of WAZ and the azimuthal coverage and long-offset velocity of FAZ to produce a consistent earth model.

One unified earth model

Our geologically-consistent earth model leverages the inline image clarity of wide-azimuth acquisition (WAZ) and the azimuthal coverage and long-offset velocity of Dual Coil Shooting multivessel full-azimuth acquisition (FAZ).

This is the first time public geological and borehole data and proprietary multiclient data has been integrated into the modeling process. With one unified earth model, you can see the underexplored subsalt structures of the Central Gulf of Mexico like never before.

EDGE gives you a regionally consistent, validated earth model.
Building on the conventional multiclient offering, EDGE gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions from exploration through appraisal and development.

More than unique—affordable

The EDGE project is not only unique to the market—it’s competitively priced—providing you unprecedented data and knowledge to minimize subsalt uncertainty, efficiently locate hydrocarbons, and reduce environmental risks while maximizing recovery.

The more complete your picture, the greater likelihood of success. With EDGE, you can adapt your investment strategy—across exploration, appraisal, and development—to optimize your success in the upcoming lease sales.

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Latest Technologies for
Survey Design and Modeling
to Support Your Decisions

The EDGE dataset illuminates the most challenging subsalt areas in the following areas:

Seismic Acquisition

Survey Design & Modeling

Geophysical Processing & Characterization