Multiclient Latest Projects: Southeast Asia and Australia Seismic Surveys

Take a look at our new and reprocessed 2D and 3D data in the Carnarvon, Pegasus, East Coast, Taranaki, Sulu Sea, East Palawan, and Makassar Strait Basins.

Australia Carnarvon Basin 3D Seismic Surveys

The Carnarvon Basin is the most prolific hydrocarbon-bearing basin in Australia; however, this area does not give up its riches easily. 3D seismic data is required to correctly image the complex geologic structures in the basin, ultimately leading to enhanced prospectivity assessments and optimization of well placement. We have two new 3D broadband datasets that provide complete regional coverage over this highly prospective basin.

New Zealand Taranaki Basin 3D Broadband Seismic Surveys

Recently acquired 3D broadband seismic data for the Taranaki Basin includes 4,350 kmcovering the northern portion of the basin and 6,500 kmcovering the western platform. The data was acquired using a calibrated marine seismic source, specialized sliding-notch broadband acquisition technique, and continuous line acquisition. Both datasets include a prestack anisotropic Kirchhoff depth migration and depth calibrated seismic and AVO products.

Indonesia Makassar Seismic Survey

Reprocessed multiclient 3D seismic data from the Indonesian Makassar Strait covering 10,390 km2. The survey is available for evaluation for upcoming acreage releases in the area.

Australia Marine Survey Notice

Schlumberger proposes to undertake a marine geophysical survey in Commonwealth waters adjacent to South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. An environment plan has been submitted to NOPSEMA for assessment.

NOPSEMA has completed their check of the environment plan and public comment is now invited. The proposed survey is subject to Commonwealth Government regulatory approval and any feedback will be communicated to NOPSEMA, as required under Commonwealth legislation. If you would like further information, please refer to the NOPSEMA Environment Plan summary.

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