Multiclient Latest Projects: Southeast Asia & Australia Seismic Surveys

A combination of new and reprocessed 2D and 3D multiclient data in North Taranaki, the Philippines Sulu Sea and East Palawan basin, the Indonesian Makassar Strait, and the Australian North Carnarvon, South Carnarvon, and Browse basins.

New Zealand North Taranaki Broadband Seismic Survey

Philippines Sulu Sea & East Palawan Basin Seismic Survey

Indonesia Makassar Seismic Survey

Australian North Carnarvon, South Carnarvon & Browse Basins Seismic Survey

  • The North Carnarvon basin deepwater merge combines new multiclient seismic surveys (Keystone 3D and Aragon 3D) acquired by WesternGeco with third-party 3D surveys to produce 18,959 km2 of data.
  • The Schlumberger Cook Endeavour 3D multiclient seismic survey in the South Carnarvon basin provides 2,716 km2 of 3D data.
  • Schlumberger provides 15,153 km2 of newly reprocessed 3D seismic data in the Browse basin that has been merged with the Adele Trend Q3D seismic survey acquired in 2009 over the Concerto and Ichthys North discoveries

Seismic Acquisition

Survey Design & Modeling

Geophysical Processing & Characterization