Adele Trend Multiclient Seismic Survey

3D survey

Australia Adele Trend Seismic Survey

We acquired and processed the 647-km2 Adele Trend 3D multiclient seismic survey in 2008/2009 using the WesternGeco proprietary Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system. The newly acquired data was merged with the 473-km2 Adele Trend 3D vintage fringe data as a migration aperture and to obtain well ties into the adjacent Prelude and Ichthys hub gas and condensate fields.  The data was processed through an advanced prestack time and depth sequence.

Key highlights

  • Major infrastructure projects currently in construction
  • Proven petroleum system 
  • 3D GSMP 3D general surface multiple prediction (3D SRME) demultiple and prestack depth migration applied in the processing sequence
  • Full prestack products available for license

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