Cook Endeavour Multiclient Seismic Survey

3D survey

Australia Adele Trend Seismic Survey

We acquired and processed the 1,522-km2 Cook Endeavour 3D multiclient seismic survey in 2010/2011 using the WesternGeco proprietary Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system.  The newly acquired data was merged with the 1,197-km2 vintage Indian 3D survey, which was also fully reprocessed. This data will provide valuable insight for companies wishing to evaluate upcoming farm-in opportunities, as well as screen an area where permits are approaching forced relinquishments.  The Cook Endeavour survey is adjacent to producing oil and gas fields. The Palta-01 well, operated by Shell, is located 20 km to the south of the survey.

Key highlights

  • Producing oil field (significant gas infrastructure projects currently being considered)
  • Proven petroleum system
  • 3D GSMP 3D general surface multiple prediction (3D SRME) demultiple applied in the processing sequence
  • Full prestack products available for license

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