North Carnarvon Basin Multiclient Seismic Survey

3D multiclient 2012 seismic reprocessing

Australia North Carnarvon Seismic Survey

We acquired two new multiclient 3D seismic surveys in the deepwater North Carnarvon basin (Keystone multiclient 3D and Aragon multiclient 3D). These two surveys have been merged with multiple third-party 3D seismic surveys to produce continuous fully imaged seismic data from a survey area which now totals 24,900 km2. A full complement of prestack products is available for AVO analysis. This data offers valuable insight for companies wanting to screen open areas for future bid decisions or assess farm-in opportunities.   

Key highlights

  • Major infrastructure projects currently in construction for inboard gas fields
  • Proven petroleum system with huge gas discoveries being made every year 
  • 3D anisotropic Kirchhoff prestack depth migration with full prestack products available for license

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