North Browse Multiclient Seismic Survey

3D multiclient 2012 reprocessing

Australia North Browse Seismic Survey

We have completed 12,860 km2 of prestack time reprocessing of the North Browse 3D seismic survey, which provides continuous and fully imaged seismic data with a full complement of prestack products available for AVO analysis. This data offers valuable insight for companies wanting to screen open areas for future bid decisions or assess farm-in opportunities.

Key highlights

  • Major infrastructure projects currently in construction or nearing final investment decision
  • Proven petroleum system with huge gas discoveries being made 
  • 3D GSMP 3D general surface multiple prediction (3D SRME) demultiple applied in the processing sequence
  • 3D anisotropic Kirchhoff prestack depth migration with full prestack products available for license

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