Northwest Palawan Multiclient Seismic Survey

Reprocessed 3D seismic survey

Northwest Palawan Multiclient Seismic Surveys

Located offshore northwest Palawan Island in the Philippines, this 3,541-km2 survey was reprocessed through prestack time demultiple in 2012, and is migration ready.  A 370-km2 subvolume over the Cadlao and Libro fields was prestack time and depth migrated.  

Key highlights

  • Proven petroleum system 
  • 3D anisotropic Kirchhoff  prestack time migration and  prestack depth migration with full prestack products available for license
  • AVO-friendly migration gathers
  • 3D GSMP 3D general surface multiple prediction (3D SRME) demultiple technology applied in the processing sequence

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