Brazil 16th Bidding Round and 6th Presalt Auction

Image post- and presalt targets to improve your prospectivity assessments and field development decisions

New technological improvements now make it more effective to image post- and presalt targets. In 2019, the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels (ANP) will conduct the 6th presalt auction and the 16th bidding round. Both the auction and bidding round offer attractive exploration and development opportunities for tapping underexplored areas challenged by structural and stratigraphic complexity.

The 6th presalt auction covers five blocks in the prolific Santos and Campos Basins, where presalt reservoirs have been identified. The 16th bidding round spans 42 blocks covering 29,912 km2, including five key sedimentary basins, from offshore targets in Brazil’s central basins to the southern Santos and Campos Basins. These blocks are highly prospective for shallow and deepwater basins with post- and presalt exploration plays.

Brazil 16th bid round and presalt auction map


Improve your regional understanding of the central margin of Brazil

Brazil 16th bid round central margin

WesternGeco, in a joint venture with TGS, has more than 9,000 km to assess exploration plays in the 16th bid round. This includes blocks in the central margin of Brazil covering the Camamu-Almada and Jequitinhonha Basins. The coverage of the 2D data provides a regional framework to help understand the complex subsurface structural picture and assist with initial exploration approaches.


Illuminate presalt targets with high-definition 3D data

Brazil 16th bid round seismic data

Image showing clear delineation of the post- and presalt structures in the Santos and Campos Basins.

The 6th presalt auction and 16th bidding round blocks in the Santos and Campos basins have structural and stratigraphic complexities that require high-quality seismic imaging technologies to illuminate key stratigraphic features of the reservoir. WesternGeco, in a joint venture with TGS, has more than 127,000 km of prestack depth migration (isotropic and TTI anisotropic) 2D data available in the southeastern margin of Brazil, covering the Santos, Campos, and Espirito Santo Basins. Within the presalt polygon of Santos Basin, we have acquired high-definition 3D surveys. These high-definition, 4D-ready surveys cover approximately 10,595 km2 of the Santos Basin and include prestack depth migration final volumes. The high-density acquisition (50-m cable separation), acquisition direction, and intrasalt tomography have enabled us to overcome the challenges associated with presalt imaging. The high-quality image achieved from these processes enable a more confident subsurface evaluation, leading to more effective drilling decisions in the exploration, appraisal, and production phases.